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    Rage is the most exciting style vs style combat sport in the world!

About Rage Kombat

Rage Kombat is the newest and fastest growing combat sports organisation in the world!

We are matching style against style in an exciting concept that will see karate vs boxing; taekwondo vs kickboxing; Kung Fu vs Muay Thai and much more! I am sure you will love the excitement and dynamic nature of our fights.

Mark Wilson Smith

Founder / CEO

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Yes and no! We do pit different styles against each other, but unlike regular MMA events our fighters stick to one specific method. Therefore, a kickboxer will only use kickboxing techniques; and a boxer will only use boxing techniques. It is a true test of style vs style.
No. Rage Kombat only allows 'stand-up' fighting. You will not see ground fighting in any of our events.
Professional bouts have 5 rounds; Championship fights have 10 rounds; and Amateur / Exhibition bouts last 3 rounds. Each round is two minutes in length, with a one minute interval.
All competitors are matched with opponents that are within 3kg weight difference. This then falls into one of our three dedicated weight categories.
Almost any fighting style, provided that the combatant only uses strikes and not ground fighting.
Yes, we have champions for each weight division. They are known as 'Kings of Rage'.
All bouts take place in a boxing ring.
Yes. They wear boxing gloves - either 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, or 16oz. All fighters wear boxing gloves regardless of their combat discipline.

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Rage Kombat is brought to you by a team with over 15 years experience in the fight game. Feel the Rage!

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